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Designed for notebooks & netbooks with a low screen resolution and limited resources. Shipped with every function you will ever need to bring alive your private party's !

Main Features

Dj Box Lite comes with a nice tiny interface with 2 primary deck's + a central mixer + browser + Automix.

Main features include

  • Volume & Tempo Adjust

  • CrossFader

  • Turntables & Vinyl

  • BPM counter

  • EQ - hi mid low

  • AutoFade

  • Headphones CUE

  • Auto-Trim Start & End

  • HotCues

  • Sampler

  • 3 x FX dsp effects

  • Waveform Visualizer

  • Automix

  • Manual mix presets

  • Loops

  • AutoGain

  • ID3 Tag Editor

Easy Browser

Fast and organized browser,

just load the folders and/or files you need into the playlist.

Sorting and Shuffling are included,

as well an ID3 tag editor.

Mixing Presets

Easy as pressing a button !

You can choose between 8 presets to do manual mixing or just enable AutoMix feature and take a break.

Updated - 1.1

  • Minor Bugs Fixed

  • Improved Latency

  • Added Custom Fonts

  • Added Keyboard Shortcuts

This software was entirely made with Bass Audio Library, check this amazing stuff at

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